ShopBest Review, Is ShopBest an MLM Scam?

ShopBest, Opportunity or Scam?

As you may have noticed, there has been an increase of shopping sites lately that have permeated the Internet. Today at like to review one of them, ShopBest. ShopBest offers online training as well as unique benefits to its members based on the concept of shopping points, much like an American Express card and the rewards are actually paid in cash.

Unlike the other online, shopping network marketing businesses, ShopBest is actually the only one, I have seen where you can join for free and take advantage of the core of their business which is shopping online and generating shopping points. They have more the 2500 participating stores, Walmart, Target, Barnes and Noble and many more retail giants.

It is getting harder to find the Illusive business partner in these tough economic times.

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The way ShopBest works is really quite interesting, you download a ShopBest toolbar, load it to your system. Any time you shop at one of their participating stores you get shopping points. The bonus to using the toolbar is you don’t change any of your shopping habits, there is no need to go to another website to enjoy the benefits of ShopBest. You go to any shopping site on the web, if it is a participating merchant, the ShopBest toolbar recognizes the site, indicates that it is a participating store, a drop-down message appears indicating, it is a ShopBest merchant and gives you a ratio of points to dollars spent, on the toolbar.

How ShopBest Works.

Let’s say you want to shop at an online store called XYZ Clothing and XYZ Clothing is a participating merchant. When you log on to XYZ’s website, ShopBest will indicate that is a participating store, the tool bar will also inform you how many points you earn for every dollar so if it’s a four to one ratio you would earn four points for every dollar you spend.

The toolbar is totally safe it doesn’t acquire any of your personal information or even how much money you spent on the purchase. What the toolbar does is inform the participating dealer that you are a ShopBest customer and the merchant then sends the shopping points to ShopBest . ShopBest adds them to your personal account and once you’ve acquired $15 worth of ShopBest points, ShopBest sends you a check or a ShopBest debit card. This is their entry-level program and the benefits you receive for being a free user.

Of course you can pay to take part in their affiliate programs, $189 for a Basic Affiliate and $399 to become a Certified Affiliate, both give you more benefits and can help increase your moneymaking potential through the compensation plan but that is not the nature of this review and of course all these network marketing compensation plans are so complicated, it would take a series of articles to explain them.

As with all MLM’s these days, you also receive a corporate website with your individual contact information, video and such, it is a given when network marketing companies are trying to target customer online. They also offer training for marketing on the Internet, I’ve not seen this training but I’m sure they’re marketing their product more than they are helping their ShopBest affiliates market themselves, create marketing funnels and help with their affiliates own personal branding, (if I’m wrong, please comment and let me know)which is the real secret to having consistent success in building a strong network marketing business online or even offline.

All in all ShopBest is a good company with a good compensation plan, it may be a sleeping giant waiting to wake up. In my opinion, What all these network marketing businesses fail to understand It would benefit the companies more if it taught its members how to market more successfully on the Internet by using time-tested, time-tested personal branding techniques. it would build the ShopBest brand faster and bring more wealth and prosperity to it’s affiliates.

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