Meleleuca Review. Meleleuca Marketing Truth or Scam.

The Truth About Meleleuca (In My Opinion)

If you are looking for a company that you want turn into a home-based business, then Meleleuca may be a good fit for you. This company has a variety of good products and great prices. Meleleuca is an old school company that has been around since 1985, built on a solid foundation of eco-friendly products and business model.

The company was into being Green before it was fashionable, and it shows. Meleleuca sells over 350 products, ranging from household cleaners to skins care products. The company has products that meet the needs of every member of your family, including products for your pets. You would expect the skin care line to be gentle and environmentally friendly, but even Meleleuca cleaners are made from natural ingredients that are totally eco-friendly. Their products are relatively inexpensive and the quality is surprisingly good, giving you great value for products you use everyday.

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The compensation plan is based on sales by end users, people who actually buy and use the products. They do not pay commissions or bonuses for signing up customers. There are other bonuses you can earn, but like most compensation plans they are much too complicated to cover in this article.

The fact they are an old school company is also reflected in the way they recruit people to the company. They use traditional methods, such as home meetings and word of mouth to sell their company. Although this has served them well over the years, they need a more savvy internet network marketing strategy in the future to boost their internet presence and boost sales for their business partners.

Overall, I think Meleleuca is a good company, with good products and a decent compensation plan.
A knowledgeable distributor with a good foundation in internet marketing or better traditional network marketing techniques can really do extremely well and generate a fantastic income.

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