Isagenix Review|The truth about Isagenix

Isagenix is in network marketing company that offers a product, that they claim removes toxins from the body and helps you lose weight, as well as a line of skin care products. John Anderson, “Master Formulator of Nutritional Supplements” and Jim and Kathy Coover are at the heart of the company, that was founded in 2002.
This is an honest review of this product and the business opportunity associated with it. I will focus mainly on the body cleansing product.

Isagenix – Pros.
Having used body cleanses in the past, let me tell you, I am a big fan. The ones I have been on do work , they helped me lose weight, helped clear the brain and bring about a general feeling of better health. The 9 day detox program, which Isagenix promotes, has been tested on various news programs with pretty good results. The comp plan seem to be a built on a typical binary structure, build a right and left leg, BV etc, these plans are very common and are very good vehicles for producing large organizations and generating substantial income.

Isagenix – Cons.
Unfortunately, an effective body cleanse is not as easy as taking a powder, pills and shakes and the weight just falls off. You have to change you’re your eating habits in order to take full advantage of the cleansing process. Many doctors feel, being on a well balance diet of fruits and vegetables, along with exercise and drinking lots of water will essentially give you the same long term benefits.
The comp plan is good but is not as robust as some other hybrid plans so you will have to do some work and planning to really generate a large income. That being said, like all the comp plans or any business for that matter, the harder you work at it, the more money you will make.

IsagenixMajor Drawback
While respectfully recognizing the effort Isagenix has put into it’s marketing efforts, in my opinion this where this company and just about all the companies marketing to the online community fall short. This cannot be understated nor can the blame be passes onto Isagenix, for the facts are, they need to do what is best to build a healthy corporate income, promote the company and help their affiliates make money, this is usually done though the generic websites, assigned to an affiliate when they become affiliates.
Affiliate business owners have to come to the realization that corporate marketing is always based on building corporate earnings and are skewed in that direction first and foremost. In order to build you your business so that it benefits you, the business builder, it is best to find someone outside the company in order to learn and take advantage of all the strategies for building a stronger business, using the plethora tools available online as well as expert marketers with the experience of building business online.

Isagenix is a good company with great in the Health and Wellness sector. Isagenix has a good comp plan, they have been around a while but their marketing is good but it could be better. As some of you know, I am not in the business of recommending any companies but I can see no glaring drawbacks to getting involved with Isagenix.

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